Investment in deals easy to understand, tough to execute

Innovative multi family Office located in Andorra that invests in business projects with high growth potential and teams building world class products.

Since 2016, Systema Capital acts as a Multifamily Office and helps investors, families and institutions achieve their goals through the investment in success business stories.

Recently we have open a new asset class in Spain: Litigation Funding.

Why to choose us

Whether we lead or co-invest with a partner, we believe it is beneficial for this projects to have complementary investors and usually syndicate our investments.

More than just capital, we combine experience with local knowledge to deliver creative, financial solutions to us and our coinvestors.

Systema Capital’s team has lead the way in best practice in litigation funding in Spain.

What we can do for you

Systema Capital is your best ally to finance your project from a start-up phase to financing for expansion and internationalization.

The management team of Systema Capital has extensive experience in venture capital, strategic consulting and general management, having carried out all types of corporate operations: capital increases, mergers of companies to consolidate sectors, acquisitions of companies, subsequent rounds of financing with external investors, restructurings, LBO’s.

Are you interested in financing your company?

If you are faced with the need to have an opinion on your business project, Systema Capital’s team can perform an analysis and give you a diagnosis.

We are leading litigation funding in Spain

Historically, parties with good claims but without the financial strength to pursue them have turned to third party litigation funding.

Increasingly, businesses with the means to pursue litigation are turning to third party litigation funding to reduce the risk involved inherent in any litigation, to mitigate the detrimental effect of lengthy claims on cash flow and to remove litigation costs from the balance sheet.

Systema Capital enables a party to litigate or arbitrate

without having to pay for it, whether because they are unable to pay for it or because they do not 
want to.

Systema Capital provides tailored solutions

to meet the specialist needs of law firms and their clients involved in litigation and arbitration.

We pay
all costs of a dispute on time

If the case is won and monies received, we take our pre-agreed share of the proceeds. If the case is lost, the loss is Systema Capital’s not the claimant’s.

We work
with law firms and clients

to eliminate exposure to the cost of legal disputes through innovative solutions.

Are you interested in Litigation funding?

We can help you.